Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Updated profiles! New and improved camera controls!

Okay, after someone introduced me to Joystix Pro (which I will blog about soon as another alternative to XPadder or PGP...though I still recommend the latter two), I noticed something they were doing right that I wasn't: instead of setting my right analog to tilt and click simultaneously--which occasionally causes it to unintentionally click on things--why not set a button to lock in the mouse button?  In other words, your right analog is free mouse movement until you tap your mouse button toggle.

So that's exactly what I did, and oh my God why didn't I think of this before?!?!

So here's some new profiles. There's three different styles to choose from after the jump.

These first (and most basic) versions are for XPadder, as I couldn't figure out how to make it do the fancy shmancy stuff I did with PGP (though I'm sure there's a way).  Basically, you hit R3, and it locks the right mouse button on (you can do the same for the left mouse button by holding L2 to select map 3):
XPadder Imperial Agent/Smuggler profile
XPadder Jedi Consular/Sith Inquisitor profile
(Click here for XPadder PS3 Controller configuration file.)

This next version is for PGP, and was my first attempt with this concept.  The difference between this and the XPadder version is if you tap R3, it does your standard mouse click, but if you hold it for just a moment, it locks the button in as above:
PGP SWTOR Profile, Type I

And here's my latest and greatest version, which also includes a set of XBOX 360 profiles (as I didn't realize the translation between PS3 and XBOX configurations weren't mapping 1-to-1), and has some additional minor tweaks I was fiddling with.  The biggest change between this and the profile above is instead of holding to sticky on, you double-click.  I think this is the best option, but now you have two to choose from :-)
PGP SWTOR Profile, Type II (includes XBOX 360 version)

And finally, here's an updated version of Errol's profile, implementing the same concept.
Errol's PGP Profile, Version B

Hope you guys enjoy these.  Happy gaming!


  1. Hey there, I love your site and think it's great what you're doing here. Personally, I am really looking forward to the blog on Joystix Pro. I actually work for the company that created the software and am very interested to see what you have to say. If you would be willing, I would love to talk to you to discuss what we are doing with Joystix Pro and get your feedback on what we could be doing better.

    I hope to hear from you!

    Clayton "Vapor" Mayo
    Blue Orb, Inc.

    1. @ Vapor; can you explain the different cost factor for this program? There is Xpadder for $10 US and Pinnacle game profiler for $24.95 US and those two apps are a one time fee for life with all future updates. I really wanted to post somewhere on your website but I'm not seeing any open forum to ask a question etc. But if you can be so kind enough to explain those cost factor it would surely enlighten us. I ain't gonna pay that price of $49.99 although I have the money to purchase it. But Joystix Pro ought to have something above the other apps to really impress me.

      Joystix Elite ($49.99)

      Annual Membership ($19.99)

      3-Month Membership ($5.99)


  2. One other thing I forgot to ask! Why is it the file is so large. For Star Wars its 138 MB, for MW3 and World of Warcraft its 135 MB and for Rift its 145 MB. And why do I have to be online to be able to use Joystix Pro...This is so confusing I mean your apps should have a standard size just like the other two apps mentioned; Pinnacle Game profiler 10.1 MB and Xpadder 1.11 MB.

    I need to get some real concrete answers to these questions.

    Lets say for PGP, everyone have an opportunity to try it out for 30 days full trial and can configure any profile for any game of there choice within the 30 days of the trial and run it fully.

    Xpadder on the other hand which was free at one time I think the last free version was 5.7 or something like that. But now to be able to use Xpadder you have to purchase it for a measly $10.00 US

    None of those apps need to be online to play your game.


    1. Hi Errol,

      The file size is easy to explain: We use elements of DirectX 9.0c that are not included in DirectX 11 and we found there was a rather significant portion of our users who were experiencing trouble connecting their Xbox 360 controller because they didn't have the DirectX files we needed them to have. Because of that, we include an installer for DirectX 9.0c with all of the Joystix Pro installers that would use it. If you try downloading the Club Penguin or Zynga Poker free Stix you will see both of those are much smaller (10.8 MB)because they are web-based and have no need for DirectX.

      As for the cost, we believe what we offer is worth it. We make every possible effort to provide a service to our users (both free and paid members alike) that requires little to no configuration. Paid members can literally ask me to make a Stik profile for a game they're playing if they don't want to do it, and I will--that's a service we offer.

      Having a trial period for the full version is definitely a request we've been hearing a lot lately, and have started discussing what we would need to do in order to make that a reality.

      Only the free versions require constant online activity, but I'm surprised this is a problem considering all the games we have free Stix for require online activity (with the exception, perhaps, of MW3 Single Player). The paid membership version only requires you to be online when you launch the application so as to check the validity of the member's license key.

      I hope I have answered all of your questions to your satisfaction. Feel free to ask any more questions as they may come to you =)

    2. Thank you for very much for your concise and crystal clear answers to my questions Vapor. I now fully understand why you have the file size so large, which makes sense.


  3. It seems as though I'll have to eat up some of my words here i.e. the Joystix forum. It does indeed exist, apparently they seemed to have been doing some maintenance at the time I was visiting there website.



    However I will still stick to my other statements and questions.