Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Downloadable Files

I've been promising this one for a while, so here ya go: a comprehensive list of files and weblinks featured in this blog.  The profiles offered are intended as examples to help get you started: I highly recommend you tweak them to find a configuration that best suits your playstyle.

My Current Profile
This area is regularly updated with the latest files and info I am personally using to play SWTOR.
Latest Update: Jan 21, 2012
ImageGuide for PGP Profile
NOTE: You must reconfigure your PS3 controller every time you launch PGP if you run it in PS3 mode.  L2 and R2 need to be configured as axes.  Alternately, you can set your controller to run in 360 controller emulation mode, but you won't be able to map your PS button.

Controller Profiles:
Custom Profile (for use with XPadder)
PS3 Mode Profile (for use with PGP)

PS3 controller configuration file (for use with original profile)
PS3 controller configuration file, ver 2
Testbed Profile, Smiley's Test Profile (use these for advanced configuration ideas)
Imperial Agent, Jedi Consular (original PS3 configuration, for those that just want to plug and play)
Imperial Agent, Jedi Consular ver 2 (added targeting mapping)
Imperial Agent, Jedi Consular ver 2b (alternate camera controls, click to lock)
Advanced Camera1, Advanced Camera2 (modified IA profiles, demo adjusting mouse sensitivity on the fly)

Pinnacle Game Profiler:
Testbed Profile (includes advanced camera controls, double-command quickslots and other ideas)
PS3 Controller ImageGuide (for use with Testbed Profile)
Errol's Profile
Errol's Profile ver 2 (alternate camera controls)
SWTOR Profile (original PS3 configuration, for those that just want to plug and play)
SWTOR Profile ver 2 (added targeting mapping)
SWTOR Profile ver 3a (alternate camera controls, hold to lock)
SWTOR Profile ver 3b (alternate camera controls, double-click to lock; added 360 configuration)

Profile Images:
Khalirei's original profile
XPadder Imperial Agent Profile ver 1
XPadder Jedi Consular Profile ver 1
XPadder/PGP Profile ver 2

Controller Configuration Software (must be set to run as an administrator to work with SWTOR):
Pricing current as of 10 September 2012
XPadder* - $9.99 (free updates for life, access to support/user forums)
Pinnacle Game Profiler* - free 30-day trial, $24.99 for full version (free updates for life)
JoystixPro SWTOR profile** - free (unmoddable, but easiest to set up)
JoystixPro** -  $20 (lifetime subscription includes at least 50% off next major release, access to beta, among other things)
XPadder v5.3 - free (last freeware version, released in 2008)
JoytoKey - free
* - I personally recommend these programs 
** - Easiest plug-and-play solution.  Recommended for the computer illiterate

PS3/Keypad Driver Software:
Tamamy's Drivers (alternative to MotioninJoy)

XBOX 360 Chatpad Drivers:
Chatpad Superdriver (for use with wired "Made for Windows" 360 controller only) 

Miscellaneous Utilities:
Game Booster (Windows performance optimizer for games)


  1. Peeps this is absolutely awesome the way you've setup your downloads of profiles and proper description. Just awesome pal just awesome.

    I didn't realize you had a download section, this is really cool. keep it up pal.


  2. Folks many of you may or may not know that SWTOR Launcher.exe which normally resides in
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\BioWare\Star Wars - The Old Republic\"
    directory, executes a certain amount of files within the Launcher.exe

    Now to validate what I've just said...Those of you who have any type applications like Winzip, Winrar or 7 Zip open it up and find the the directory. Like I said before or you can right click on the "Launcher.exe" and it will open with any of the applications.

    This file executes from within itself and not an external file within the directory of SWTOR. Just thought I'd throw that out to you all. Mostly for people who have to start there game in Administrator mode and there emulators.


  3. Errol, you're going to have clear this one up for me...are you saying Launcher.exe is actually a compressed archive disguised as an .exe file? And what's the impact on users configuring controller support?

    1. If you did check it out as I said, then you'll see for yourself its really a passworded compressed archive, and is disguised as "Launcher.exe"

      However it seems to be actually launching within itself and using the external files in the directory as any normal application would.

      Now under normal situations a game launcher is setup in such a way as to actually launch another major .exe file from its directory, but not in SWTOR.

      The impact with users some or most of the time...although they started it by being emulated in the emulators will definitely need to start there emulators in Administrative mode. However if you are using Windows 7 with UAC disabled like myself, 99% of the time will not have that problem.


    2. Ah, gotcha. Basically you've answered the often-asked question of why the heck SWTOR needs to be run at the Administrator level, and why any associated programs you use with it (like these controller emulators) needs to run at that level as well. :-)

      Good info. Thanks!

  4. Hey Guys!

    Do you know if I can play the SWTOR with a PC Game Pad?
    I tried to configure using the JoytKey, but the game doesn't seem to recognize the Game Pad.

    Can you help me?