Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pinnacle Game Profiler works now (with tutorial videos)!

Okay, I figured out what the problem was, and apparently it has to do with how your PS3 controller is configured in MiJ.  Thus, non-PS3 controller users shouldn't have any problems as long as they run PGP as an administrator.

ja_4251 on the PGP forums posted a great tutorial on how to get MiJ properly configured (the only error is you need to have L1 & R1 set as buttons 5 & 6, and L2 & R2 set as buttons 7 & 8.  Then disable the z-axis): http://pinnaclegameprofiler.com/wiki/index.php?title=Motioninjoy_and_PS3_Controller

Video tutorials after the jump.
Part 1: Getting your PS3 controller working in PGP via MotioninJoy.
Part 2: Creating a PGP profile for SWTOR (You can download my SWTOR profile here).


  1. Replaced the PGP profile with a new version. I discovered that the "Record Mode" feature in PGP won't work for most hotkey commands in SWTOR.

  2. Yes the record mode does work with PGP v 6.2.0 new update that Rob has posted full exe download; http://pinnaclegameprofiler.com/pinnacle-setup.exe or a manual update; http://pinnaclegameprofiler.com/files/pinnacle-manualupdate.zip

  3. Oh and Errol's profile is so far the best made, at least for myself and many of the folks I'm playing SWTOR online Multiplayer. For those who are intersted with Errol's Profile can download it at this link; http://pinnaclegameprofiler.com/forum/showthread.php?p=62819#post62819

  4. Thanks for the info, james! The record mode worked for me in theory, but SWTOR wasn't registering the inputs for half the commands. Can you confirm that the record mode works for SWTOR?

    As for Errol's profile, I really didn't like it, tbh. Having left and right strafe mapped to the D-Pad seems counter-intuitive to me, and having one of your shift-modes bound to cover is only useful for two out of the eight classes.

  5. @ Peeps; yes the recording mode do work for this profile and quite a few others I have. Probably while you were using a previous version the problem of not recording was a bug and Rob was notified by a few members of his website, hence the reason he updated to the new version previously mentioned by me and its fixed now. But you don't need to record all you ha to do in the command assignment is press on any kb keys and it will register as the command.

    As for Errol's profile I'll agree with you to a point but really and truly it does work for us here. All you can do is just change the Take Cover/Other which is a double command press & hold to Single/Double Press and as for the D-Pad we love it that way because it works excellent for us. Your profile may or may not work for other people. We here don't really like it too much especially when you've made two profile and you could've made it a Hot Swap feature to access both at the same time when needed. FYI if you don't know about the Hot Swap you can check out one of Errol's profile that he made for another game with that particular feature;

    I sure hope that was helpful and you'd try the Hot Swap for the two profiles so it will easily be swapped when needed while playing the game and not stop the game and launch it again with the other profile.

  6. SWTOR Profile by Errol:
    As a matter of fact it was about 30 something of us who had private messaged Errol and actually asked him to come up with those commands. He told us he was selected by the Devs to be a Beta tester for which he declined because of personal obligations elsewhere, and when he had made it we started to run some test, and it was us who had suggested the commands where you see it presently. So I'd say it was not his fault if you'd call it that but ours by choice to enjoy.

  7. Many of the things I like about Errol's profile is he assigned all the default commands to his profile whereas you did not. Also the Mouse Look which you made, its only four ways whereas Errol's own, he made a command as Camera for the Mouse right click and assigned it to 1% Tilted to the Right Analog stick so you can get the full 360 degree turn and that is a real pleaser for me and I can go on and on but 'nuff said.

    My suggestion; take Errol's profile and you can analyze what he did and you can probably improve on it and come up with something even better than what he made and even improve on yours and who knows we may even use it for ourselves. Anyway thanks for being so receptive.

  8. Hi all. Askanison40 here. Im the guy that initially asked Errol to make a controller profile via PGP for SWTOR. I was beta testing the game and asked him if a profile could be made for an MMO. Him not physically playing the game has nothing to do with how good or not good his profile is. Could the profile use some tweaking? Absolutely. This isn't an exact science. PGP profiles are built from the ground up to be tweaked. That's the point. But for the most part, it's a solid profile. It's the best one out right now and it's definitely better than the xpadder one. Actually, I screwed up, not him. When I was sending him the KB bindings, I mistakenly neglected to include the "-" key and the "=" key for mapping purposes. The profile works fine for me the way it is, but to each their own. And I still use my mouse and KB too. There's no profile you could create where you soley used just an xbox 360 PC controller for an MMO. Star Trek Online had native controller support and you still had to use the KB & mouse. I doubt anyone would have even attempted to create a controller profile for SWTOR had we not dared to do it first. Until something better comes along (and it hasn't yet)I'm happy with Errol's profile.

  9. Honestly, props to you guys for being this passionate about Errol's profile. My apologies for bad-mouthing it in a previous post (a matter I shall soon correct), as clearly I didn't have all the information.
    Though I'm aware of PGP's hot-swapping options, I'll freely admit I haven't fully explored the program's features for use in SWTOR yet. I'm planning on experimenting with it further soon, and based on your recommendations, I'll be using Errol's profile as a starting point.
    I started this blog with collaboration in mind, and this is exactly the kind of feedback I've been looking for. Thanks for keeping me on my toes!

  10. Okay, giving Errol's profile a more thorough look-over, I can definitely see why you guys like it. Having a shift mode bound to every targeting option is definitely a plus. But as you say Garrick, these programs are all about personal playstyle, and I'm still preferential toward my setup as I like being able to access my center and right quicktabs simultaneously.
    That being said, I'm definitely gonna have to add a third shift mode as a hot-swap for R1 specifically for targeting options.

  11. Wow this is awesome to see this site and to see there are people who are really having a crazy and loving time with SWTOR.
    @ Peeps; I saw your link after you posted your profile in the PGP forum which led me here. I'm just speechless about the comments made here and the interest this game has taken. I really and truly love constructive exchange of conversations. I did not realize that my profile for SWTOR was a major debate at this Blog, this is really intriguing.
    Just to clear up a little issue here and to confirm some of the remarks.
    Yes it was Garrick (Askanison40) who had first approached me to make this profile to play with Pinnacle Game Profiler (PGP). And yes it was made by special request for him, then came the other players James and the rest of the guys and girls also requesting from me a profile to which I posted in the PGP forum and made it available for general use. And by PM me in the PGP forum was very happy with it.
    Peeps are you using a full trial version of PGP or did you purchase a personal copy for yourself? If you did not and you are using the full 30 days trial, after its expired you can still run PGP for 15 mins at any given time. The reason I'm telling you this is if you decide to reconstruct or improve my profile or yours to the way that James had recommended, here is where you can still use PGP to do that kind of work.

    As for James confirming to you about the recording feature in PGP, yes I can definitely say beyond the shadow of a doubt that the new version which Rob has now fixed can do what he said. It was a bug in the previous version.

    Now on a personal note; I know you are not making any criticism about me but about the way the profile was made and I love constructive criticism and I take these things in good spirit and not personal. I do like the way you responded to the PGP members in such a nice way that I myself feel good about it. Anyway enjoy your gaming and I do wish you and my known and unknown supporters a very happy New Year.


  12. And a happy New Year to you too! That's really good to hear about the recording feature...I really like that feature :-)

    I've been using a trial version as I tested out the program to see if I liked it over XPadder. I'm planning on upgrading to a full version soon, as I've yet to encounter the swapping issues I got with XPadder.

    That being said, if you could pass on a note to Rob: I'm using a PS3 controller via MotioninJoy, and for some reason, I have to run the controller configuration wizard every time I start up PGP, or it doesn't work. I don't know if this issue is specific to me, or if others have encountered the same problem.

    And on my own personal note, I appreciate your comments, and recognize that I'm not trying to insult anybody. I really am just here to help folks out, and provide candid feedback on my experiences with this process. I have no ego when it comes to my profiles: I provide them as templates for people to overhaul as they see fit.

    Much kudos to you for your part in providing gaming solutions to the community. You may be unaware of this, but I've discovered through this process that there are many SWTOR players that CAN'T play unless they can use a controller due to physical injury or disability. It's good to see there's other folks out there working on providing gameplay options!

  13. Peeps thank you very much and no hard feelings towards you at all.

    One thing I can tell you I do know that many a person/s do have some sort of handicap and cannot use the kb freely like me and you so I'm fully aware of the situation. You may ask the question how do I know? Well for starters many a guys some from the army who was handicapped in some way or the other with there hand, do send me pm via PGP forums and others who are having difficulty with Arthritis and some other problems like Carpal etc do send me pm to make certain profiles for them and I just do it like a passion for them.

    I'll let you in on something, I love to make profiles more than I like to play games. Yea laugh, but its true. The amount of games I have already played and is still playing to this day I kinda get accustomed to the same old stuff. BTW my favorites games are FPS type games. Its over 21 years I've been playing games and thats when they had those juke box style gaming machines back in the early '80s like Space Invaders and so on. Yea thats how far back to present I've been playing. So this new found hobby if you would call it that is my passion now.

    I also did some game review at a very popular website; http://www.game-debate.com/members/index.php?member=Errol&action=article
    You can take a look at it and judge for yourself.

    Oh before I forget, I sent the message to Rob and will definitely keep you in the loop with your problem. Although, I never came across anyone in the PGP forums having that issue. Another thing, I being a Moderator in the PGP forums, did take the liberty to place your profile directly into the forums so others would not have to go elsewhere to download it. I hope you don't mind. We sort of like to keep things for the members and non members right on the site. Anyway 'nuff said.

    I wish you and all your supporters all the best.


  14. Thank you Errol for confirming my remarks and thanks again for everything. Your profile ROCKS.

    @ Peeps just to make a point and I'm not being picky but to show you how many people already downloaded Errol's profile. Just go to his link and scroll to where his profile "Star Wars.pin" is located in his post and you'll see how many times its been downloaded; http://pinnaclegameprofiler.com/forum/showthread.php?p=62819#post62819

    That my friend does speak for itself and wants no explanation.

  15. Heh heh, you and I are of like mind, Errol! I recently commented to my (very forgiving) guild that I've spent far more time facilitating the play of this game than I've spent ACTUALLY PLAYING THE GAME. There's something inexplicably enjoyable about helping others play.

    @james: I'm afraid you're starting to miss the point. I'm glad people like his profile. I recognize why people like his profile. I personally don't prefer it. And there's nothing wrong with that.

  16. Peeps I humbly apologize, please forgive me, I just got carried away for the moment with the excitement. And I don't want Errol to scold me about my behavior. So again my humblest apologies to you.

  17. It's all good. There's been plenty of humility to go around in this discussion. :-) Like I said before, I'm excited to see there's other folks out there as passionate about this stuff as I am!

  18. Hi Peeps, after you posted your idea of the right mouse click on the PGP forums I came up with an even better idea to place the right mouse click to the right analog stick...so you press once and it remains as a sticky then after using the right mouse click together with movement of right analog, you press again and release and you only have mouse movement.

    I also placed the left mouse click to the right trigger as a double command...tap for Target Next Enemy and hold for left mouse action.

    I posted the now modified profile for users who would prefer that instead of the former. Here is the link;

  19. Hey, Errol! I THINK I get what you're saying...I'll have a look at your profile tonight. Sounds like an excellent idea. I also like the left trigger double command :-)

    For folks not sure what we're talking about (I'll make a blog post about it soon), check out Errol's link, as well as the link to the SWTOR forum thread (Click on "Ask a Question" at the top of this page).

  20. I am so stuck and I can't figure out what I’m doing wrong. I have the PS3 controller setup in motionjoy (running as admin) I enable the profile and if I test it with the Game Controller Panel it works perfectly. But when I go to do the Wizard in Pinnacle it doesn’t work. (Pinnacle is installed at C:\Pinncale and running as Amin) I can do the first two tests Push joystick 1 left and down and it assigns X and Y Classic mode, but the 3rd step Test Joystick 1 Axis selections nothing happens when I move the joystick.

    This is the same using BT or USB. I have to be doing something wrong.

    MJ DS3_Tool 0.6.0004
    Driver: 0.6.0004

    I just downloaded Pinnacle last night so that’s the version I’m using. I have Win 7 64 bit

    Anyone have a clue?

  21. Hey, Padre: this is something I need to update in my blog, as it's a problem I recently discovered. For some reason that I have yet to solve, PGP randomly has issues with the PS3 configuration in MotioninJoy. It will work fine for weeks, or a couple of hours, or never, but once it stops working, it'll keep not working until you remove all traces of PGP from your system (to include registry entries and the like).

    The only workaround I've found so far is setting your controller to run in XBOX 360 emulation mode. This will make it work perfectly in PGP, but the downside is you won't be able to use your PS button.

    For more on this issue, check out this thread: http://pinnaclegameprofiler.com/forum/showthread.php?t=21788&page=2

  22. Hey Peeps, thanks so much for making these profiles sharing your knowledge with others.
    I also put a similar comment on the SWTOR forums, but thought I would add it here too. Hope you don't mind.
    Being a major noob, I didn't know I would have to add a bunch of extra keybindings in SWTOR before the PGP profiles would work properly for me. You may want to add this information to your blog instructions so that other noobs don't get stuck and confused. Sorry if this is a really obvious point, but like I said I'm a total noob so it wasn't obvious to me, and I thought maybe there are others it won't be obvious to either.

  23. You have to update the pinnacle gamer profile and reset your controller useing using motionjoy which you can get online,
    If you have a ps3 controller you need to tick the Xbox 360 controller on the motion joy this will allow pinnacle gamer profile to detect the ps3 controller and will ask to update update all and follow all steps in order for the ps3 controller to work