Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How much would it suck if free-to-use sites like Blogger no longer existed?

This isn't hyperbole.  US Congress is considering anti-piracy acts that would hold sites with millions - and in some cases billions - of users accountable for the actions of their users.  This can be as simple as a bot posting a link to an illegal download in the comments of somebody's blog.  Websites would either have to employ full-time moderators and security specialists to constantly monitor their users' activities or risk frivolous copyright lawsuits by major media corporations.

You think it's hard to find a job now?  Imagine what it's like when major websites who depend entirely upon user traffic to sustain their business are forced to shut down due to rising operating costs.  Freedom of Information isn't the only thing at risk: can we really afford to increase global unemployment in the name of anti-piracy?

Americans, call and write your congressmen to tell them how you feel.  Then sign Google's petition.  Make the government refocus on the unemployment issue, and stop wasting time on this idiotic legislation.

(Need more info on what this is all about?  Click here.)

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