Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Not Just for SWTOR Anymore!

Hey, folks!  So if you've been to this blog before, you know it started out exclusively as a tutorial for Star Wars: The Old Republic players interested in playing their new favorite MMO with a controller.  Since then, my interest in that particular game has waned, and several people have pointed out the usefulness of this blog for other PC games.  Thus I've decided to change the title to make it more easily searchable for folks interested in PC controller use beyond SWTOR.  More details after the jump.

I wavered on this for a while, because my two favorite configuration programs (PGP and XPadder) already have awesome forums that answer most questions people have.  But then I realized the service this site provides is consolidating setup details of the various options out there into a single, fairly organized, location.

Expect this blog to be updated infrequently.  I'm only going to post new information if it's useful (please shoot me a message if you have anything useful)!  That being said, I still check and respond to most comments fairly quickly.  If you're encountering any issues, post a comment and I'll see if I can help (but read through what I've posted thoroughly and make sure I haven't already answered your question)!

Happy gaming!

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  1. Many Thanks to you for your great tutorial on using the xbox 360 controller with SWTOR. It kept me in the game~ literally. Success to your future endeavors!^^