Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Joystix Pro on sale for $20

Hey, folks! No, I'm not back yet...but I wanted to drop a quick line and let you know the Joystix Pro folks have temporarily knocked down the price of their Elite Membership to $20, and are in the process of adding some new features.  That makes Joystix a well-priced, good solution for those of you looking for a straightforward, albeit less robust, plug-and-play option.  Details after the jump.

The Elite Membership includes:
  • Use of Joystix Pro for life
  • At least 50% off the next major update
  • Access to beta releases
  • Access to Stix Studio for custom configurations
In response to user feedback, they're currently implementing a new Sniper Mode in beta (temporarily slows stick movement, like PGP's Sniper Assist) and testing Long-Press functionality in alpha to allow assigning of two commands to any button.

Joystix Pro is an excellent option if you're looking for a straightforward plug-and-play solution.  By design, it's not as robust as XPadder or PGP, but it is by far the easiest to set up.  My biggest complaint was the price, and now that they've cut that significantly, I'd suggest you check it out if you find the other programs daunting.

You can read my initial review of Joystix Pro here.

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