Saturday, December 3, 2011

Playing Star Wars: The Old Republic with a Controller

Hi, everybody!  I've created this blog specifically as an instructional guide to setting up and playing Star Wars: The Old Republic with a video game controller.  This blog is a compilation of information and suggestions provided by myself and other players in a thread I created on the SWTOR forums.

Since people like to waste a lot of time arguing the merits of using a controller in a MMO, I have disabled comments.  If you have any constructive input or questions, go to the thread linked above.  I say constructive because the moderators have been very good at weeding out the griefers.

During beta testing, several of us discovered that SWTOR is very playable with a video game controller.  But since the configuration process is sometimes confusing and frustrating, we decided to provide instructions.  As the thread has grown, several people have come up with a lot of good alternate setups, so I felt the need to create this blog so I can better organize the instructions beyond the classic "wall o' text" interface.  A big shoutout goes to Khalirei on the SWTOR forums, who first showed me how to do this.

My setup:
I play SWTOR using a Playstation 3 controller/keypad combo:

I find this the ideal setup for me, as it allows me to do pretty much everything straight from my controller (chat being the biggest just can't type fast on a keypad), and the Bluetooth tech built into both the chatpad and controller allow me to play completely wirelessly.  However, I still keep my keyboard and mouse in front of me because there are times when those are more convenient.
That's hot.

Anyway, I'm going to start by migrating instructions from the thread when I have the time.  Happy gaming!

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